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Family Friend Outreach

Friend To Homeless Veterans 

And All Who Are Homeless

Call us now - 316-871-1404

Thank you for your interest in Family Friend Outreach!

Here at Family Friend Outreach, we are committed to serving the needs of you, as a Veteran and your family. Using universal principles, we offer practical tools for leading a joyous, abundant and peaceful life.

Wherever you may be on your daily path, at Family Friend Outreach you will find a supportive community with a wealth of opportunities for personal growth.

We aspire to strengthen each person's confidence and joy in themselves - at every point in their life, and encourage personal growth through active service in our community.

Our programs, will strive to offer a continuum of services that include:

  • aggressive outreach to those Women and all Veterans living on streets and in shelters who otherwise would not seek assistance;
  • clinical assessment and referral to needed medical treatment for physical and psychiatric disorders, including substance abuse; Mental illness, Domestic violence and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • long-term sheltered transitional assistance, case management, and rehabilitation;
  • employment assistance and linkage with available income supports; and
  • supported permanent housing. 

We invite you to become a member of our family - allowing what we offer, into your life, through our various programs and community outreach efforts.